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{December 27, 2010}   A lovely dream

I would want my birthday to be like this. Read on to find me deep in my dream.

I got up at five o’ clock. I got ready and then my friends from my apartment came and together we went to Lal Bagh for a nature walk. After that we ate lunch at a restaurant and went home. My friends went back to their houses. Then I decorated my house and at two o’ clock all my friends from school and apartment came for my birthday party. It went on till four o’ clock. Then all my friends except the ones from school went home. Then I, my sister, my parents and school friends went to watch a film. We went home at seven o’ clock. At eight o’ clock me, my sister, and parents went for dinner at my most-liked restaurant ‘barbecue nation’. We returned at eleven thirty. Then I watched the television for some time. Then I fell asleep in my soft bed. But just as I fell asleep, I felt water splash on my face and woke up with a jump. I saw three faces looking at me. It was my father, mother and sister. They told me that they were waking me up from the past one hour when I was dreaming. I started laughing. So it was after all a dream! Good dreams to you!



{December 25, 2010}   Best friends celebrate

Best friends celebrate

Yesterday 24th December, I went for guitar class at 6 p.m. It got over at 7 p.m. I straight went to Kiran and Komal’s (my best friends) house for their birthday party. I was staying over that night. My parents dropped me and went. Then we went to their room and ate cake, had coke and ate chips. Then we were talking for some time. Then we ate pulao, Manchurian and curd for dinner. At 10 p.m. we watched C.I.D-Crime Investigation Department. It got over at 11:15 p.m. Then we stayed awake till 12 p.m. At 11:59 I poured out the thumps up I had got from home.  At sharp mid-night we said cheers and drank our thumbs up and said Merry Christmas to each other. We then ate some birthday cake we hid and got from the kitchen. We played antakshari and changed the teams twice. It was 4 a.m. when were asleep. Next day morning we woke up at 8 a.m. We ate dosa for breakfast and my father picked me up.

{November 14, 2010}   THE TIGER PAWS HELP A FRIEND

Introduction to the tiger paws

‘Wake up angel.’ Said Alice annoyed with her twin. Today Angel, Alice and their best friend Kate were going to start their own best friends club. They walked slowly to their meeting place; a small room at the end of their terrace where Kate was already waiting. ‘I wonder if we’ll be solving mysteries……….’Said Angel as they were walking. ‘Hi Kate’ said the twins as they finally reached. ‘You both are late! Anyways we were just seeing the place, tomorrow is our first meeting, bye,’ said Kate noticing that the twins were sleepy. Everyone was eager for their first meeting.

The first meeting

Everyone was punctual. ‘First we have to name our club’ said Kate. ‘Angel, you were to make the list of names, right?’ asked Alice. ‘Here, read it out.’ said Angel handing the list to Alice. ‘Tiger girls, Cheetah girls, Tiger paws…………’ ‘Perfect! Ok?’ asked Kate. ‘Yes!’ said Angel and Alice together. ‘Well, tomorrow we’ll make badges. Bring stuff.’

We’re proud to be the Tiger Paws

The three girls arrived with material for making badges. They decided to vote for who should be in charge of what. The three jobs were- boss, security and designer. It was soon decided that Alice was boss, Angel as security, Kate as designer. ‘Alice,  command. ’ ‘Well….I am nervous…….ok! Here I go…….Start with the badges. I want them ready in ten minutes!’ screamed Alice. They were scared and finished in less than ten minutes. Alice signed all the badges. ‘Come tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.! Password is snacks! Wear your badges! Bye and see you soon!’ screamed the boss in a great hurry. She had a party to attend. She got ready and ran.

Scarlett needs help

At the party Alice met Tina. She didn’t look at all like an Indian. She was fair and had curly-black hair that reached till her hips. At the end of the party she took Alice slowly into an inner chamber. She started sobbing and told Alice her sad story. ‘Hey Alice, I can trust you and I know you will help me. Well……no one ……not even my best friend knows my secret. Actually……..my name is Scarlett. I am a Nepali –Bangladeshi. I live in Bangladesh…..Umm……I was given about 50 rupees a week. I saved and saved. Soon I had enough money to travel. Of course I never knew India had banned foreigners here. I came and I read the banners. Can you think of a place I can stay forever? I don’t think I want to go back. I might get caught!’ she said crying. ‘Come home with me.’ Said Alice not knowing why she said that. So that night Alice crept into the dark house and hid Scarlett in their meeting place. She bought the extra mattress, pillow and quilt and laid it out for Scarlett. Then there was a knock. She thought it was mother. Angel and Kate stormed in. ‘I discovered you were missing and called Kate for a meeting. We are searching for you and you? …….wait a minute……who………..is………that?!’ shouted Angel getting angry.

A new member for the Tiger Paws

‘Well…..I’ll explain tomorrow or mom and dad will wake up.’ said Alice solemnly. Everyone agreed and went to bed including Scarlett. Next day everyone met at 4:00 p.m. The password was whispered and the meeting began (which Scarlett had been allowed to attend). ‘Guys, Scarlett needs to stay in India. I am making her a member of the Tiger Paws.’ said Alice. She told everyone Scarlett’s story. Everyone agreed that she needed help. Kate handed her a badge and she was a member. ‘Tomorrow there is a picnic.’ said Alice.

A happy ending

The next day they had their so cool picnic. Kate supplied most of the food almost as much as Angel and Alice. Scarlett shared her left over snacks from her trip. There were cakes, buns, biscuits and lots more. They told their mothers that Scarlett was a new girl in their class. The mothers believed their children.


{April 18, 2010}   Ellie, Shelly and the witch

Once upon a time there lived a young girl of eight. She was very sweet and was named Ellie. She lived with her mother and sister in Canada. They were a happy family and had everything they ever wanted. Ellie’s elder sister was as intelligent as she was. Her name was Shelly.
One day their mother bought a new book for Ellie and Shelly. It was called ‘Magic Spells’. That day they didn’t think about anything except their new book. They were very eager to read it. But when they opened the book, it pulled them inside it. There they saw a young princess crying under a banyan tree. She looked like a princess from a fairy tale! They asked her why she was crying. She said-“Belinda the witch stole my moving palace from me and is harassing my people.” Where can we find her princess?” asked Shelly.
“It’s situated on that island. Take a drop of the poisonous water of the river, disguise yourself as a maid and feed it to her. Once she is dead, look for my magic mobile and call me. I shall help you escape”.
“Okay, we shall do as you say” said Ellie. They followed the princess’s instructions and did as she told. They found the magic mobile and called her. She led them to the magic door of the magic book that held them prisoner. ” Visit us again.” She said.
The end

{April 17, 2010}   Sweety and her mother

Sweety and the tonic

Sweety was a very naughty girl. She never listened to her mother. It was a fact that Sweety’s father was a scientist and kept inventing new things. They lived happily together in England.

One day, he made a liquid, which, if drunk, you would become tiny. Almost as tiny as an ant! Sweety, as usual was looking for something to play with. She spotted the bottle of tonic and thought it was one of the drinks which mummy wouldn’t let her have. ‘’Oh!’’ thought she, ’’I’ll have a drink while mums’ shopping.’’ She drank some of the tonic and lo! She became so tiny that even the tiniest of her rubber bands would make a comfortable bed for her! She managed to find a rubber for resting her head on.

A tough time indeed

Sweety had a very tough time the next day. The first thing that happened was that little sister Cutie almost stepped on her! She had been going for some classes and escaped from Cutie. Then Reshma the maid, mopped her right and left around the house! Then she hopped on to  the dining table and almost got eaten up by dad. Then tired and frustrated she went to bed worried.

A happy ending

The next day father saw the bottle of tonic was empty! He realized that Sweety had been shrunk. He spotted something go past him. He caught Sweety and made her back to her original size. From then onwards Sweety  never behaved badly ever more, Not even once!

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